Agenda 2019

2nd til 5th of April: “The new earth” Orval (B)
The earth enters a new fase in her existence. She's about to express who she really is. In this intense workshop we will investigate which role man fulfills in this development process. We'll be asking the trees, river and hills of Orval what the earth really needs. Info

20th of April: workshop “The blooming earth” Vinderhoute (B)
You can compare the changes that the earth is experiencing wiht a flowering process. The planets inspiration wants to reveal itself. There are places in the landscape that play a special role in this revelation. The ethereal area of the Oude Kale in Vinderhoute is one of them. 2-5pm

25th of May: workshop “Nature creatures” Breskens (NL)
The estuary of the Scheldt in the North Sea is full of sensitive life. We get acquainted with large and small water creatures and examenine how the feeling is becoming increasingly stronger in these trubulent times. 2-5pm

5th and 6th of July: workshop “Berlin, city of opposites”
Contradictions appear to be interchangeable. We focus on the natural qualities of the city, the wall and Eastern and Western Europe. English and German spoken. More info will follow on

8th of June: workshop “The king power of Brussels”
Last year we recognized the heart and balance of this city. These are the qualities a king needs to govern his empire thoroughly. We'll go searching for the royal power of Brussels that almost disappeared. Info

23rd of June: inauguration 'wereldboom' (world tree) in Lummen (B)
The immensely ancient oak becomes a 'wereldboom (world tree)'. I provide the inauguration and 2 short workshops. From 1pm. Info

28th of June til 1st of July: workshop “Feeling with trees” Orval (B)
In the beautiful surroundings of Bois Le Comte we'll be carried away by the consciousness of the trees to their invisible world of vitalising energies and healing atmospheres. Info

25th til 29th of August: workshop "Feeling with the landscape" Orval (B)
The landscape of the Ardennes reveals its deepest secrets. Discover the invisible dimensions of the trees, forests, rivers and hills in the beautiful setting of Bois Le Comte for 4 days. This time we mainly focus on the sensitive life of nature. Info

Main language of the workshops is Dutch, contact Haro (haro . wijnsouw @ telenet . be - 0032(0)93774246) for information.