• 26th of February: Workshop "soulful living" Sint-Martens-Latem
    A house is a mirror for its inhabitants. It shows on the outside what goes on on the inside.
  • 28th of January: Healing "Ghent and the Scheldt" Ghent
    The most female place of Ghent situates in the garden of the old Byloke, at the river banks of the soft river the Lys. Here she makes contact with the God of the Scheldt. However, here she also asks to be carried by the people.
  • 10 to 13 april:  Workshop "feeling with trees" Orval
    Be carried away by the fascinating world of tree energies and immerse yourself in their vitalising atmosphere!
  • 27 mei: Workshop "nature creaturs" Berlare
    In this workshop you'll get a clear view on the world of nature creatures in general, about the roll of water creatures and the broader function of the area.
  • 15th of August: "Meditation rooted in earth" Oost West Centrum Antwerp
    In the context of the inspiration day "An empty mind". Info 
  • 24th til 28th of August: Workshop "feeling with the landscape" Oost West Center Orval
    Profound workshop about the landscape of the Ardennes in the beautiful area of Bois le Comte and surroundings. Info

  • 16th of September: Workshop "power places" Saint Bavo's Abbey Ghent
    One of the most clear places of Ghent and the Lys/Scheldt area.

- Place: Entrance Saint Bavo's Abbey, Coyendansparc at Voorhoutkaai in Gent.
- Date: 16th of September from 2 to 5pm
- Fee: €25
- Please subscribe before 14th of September

Feel welcome! 

  • 8th of October: "The heart of the Scheldt" in Zwijnaarde
    Also the heart of a river needs space...

- Place: the ending of the Scheldestraat in Merelbeke
- Time: 8th of October from 3 to 5pm
- Fee: free contribution

Greetings from the heart!

  • 15th of October: "Workshop feeling with trees' in Bruges
    From 10am-5pm. Get inspired by the consciousness of trees and dive into their vitalising atmosphere! A workshop from Oost West Centrum. Info

  • 1th of November: "Workshop Aachen, the roots of Western Europe" in Aachen
    From 1-5pm. English spoken, German translation. Icw Lifenet Europe and Lebensnetz.


    Wednesday, 1st of November 2017

    When I was in Aachen last year the whole area was moving. It was like a small earthquake. It really asked for attention...

    Each organism has to be rooted. Not only trees or humans, also a larger one like Western Europe needs a connection with the earth. It's needed because of stability but also for a spiritual reason.
    The rooting system of this part of the continent is situated in Aachen. The bowl shape of this area with the hills surrounding the lower centre of  the town makes  Aachen a perfect place for grounding.

    Carl de Grosse was the first who has brought together the Western European countries. In Aachen. Here he stabilised the Frankish realm and from here he spread out the Christianity over Western Europe.

    Aachen had an important function in the past but it's obvious that it has to play a main role in the future too. The small earthquake that I felt made that clear.

    Hours: from 1-5pm
    Place of meeting: main entrance Hauptbahnhof Aachen, Bahnhofplatz 2a
    Contribution: free contribution
    Needed: a small bottle, eventual a rain coat and your heart.
    Language: English, German translation.
    Contact Belgium: Haro Wijnsouw (

    We first go up to Michaëlsberg. After that, we'll walk down to Ostfriedhof and the centre of Aachen (5km).  People who have problems to walk that far could take a car.

    It seems to be time to let flow this source again!

  • 11th of November: "Workshop release in peace" in Antwerp
    Releasing is peacefully giving something place. In yourself and in the landscape, if necessary. A workshop concerning Truce day for Oost West Centrums inspiration day. Info

  • 1th-3rd of December: "Workshop feeling with the earth" in Orval
    From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon we make deep contact with ourselves and the earth. We investigate what the true relationship is between both and wich roll humans play in the transformation process of the earth. Info

Main language of the workshops is Dutch, contact Haro for information.


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