Earth changes. A lot of shifts are happening not only in the tangible but also in the invisible, etheric layers of her being. These changes bring about a completely new situation for both the planet and her inhabitants.

Man plays an important role in this process. The way man exits and acts has a great influence on the living conditions of this planet. He is not the only determining factor, however. Movements in the activity of the sun and the galaxy, as well as the rest of the universe, play an equally important role.

The earth is not only driven by these forces though. She is very aware of her power and abilities to change.

Just as any other organism, earth has the need to develop her consciousness. This movement is triggered from the outside yet more importantly from the inside. Earth has the need to express her true and deepest self, not only to recognize herself but more specifically to fulfill her role in the bigger picture.

Water on earth makes earth a very sensitive organism. This makes earth the sensitive planet of the solar system and probably of a part of the Milky Way as well.
She wants to develop and transmit her own identity.

To flower
Developing these sensitive qualities does not just happen overnight. Earth needs to transform old, non-usable patterns and clear herself from that mothering protection she has always been able to receive, much like a caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly to leave her cocoon. Amongst others, man has been created by earth to provide this process. Man possesses of a destructive yet healing power that holds matter and is entangled in his mental capacity. On the other hand, man also has the capacity to reveal clear insights for himself and the planet when listening to the heart.
Earth’s consciousness is ready to flower. It is ready to detach from limiting dimensions of time and space.
A great deal of organisms and landscapes have been created to guide this process. Man can also take up his healing and illuminating role. He does not need to worry about the future since the future is determined by the flowering process of the earth…

The earth, the world around us, we're all currently involved in a radical transformation process. Because everything changes so fast, I am not planning any workshops for the time being and I am not making appointments. You can follow the complications through the newsletter and of course by reading my latest book "De gekroonde Aarde" (in Dutch). I would like to hear what you yourself experience during these exciting times.





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