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Healing and investigating nature is a very beautiful occupation, but it is as important to share my experiences with others. I want to pass on my knowledge, and emphasize the beauty of inspiring one another and lifting each other to a higher level.
I organize and give workshops, speaker sessions and walks that focus on the energy and sensibility in nature. Specific topics are for example: trees, gardens, power places, nature regions, landscape healing, creatures of nature, intuition.

beleef zelf

We were walking along the river and felt how strong the energy flow was heading downstream. What made it the more special is the fact that this river is actually a side river closed off by a dam, which means there is no natural current in the water. A bit further up the bank, in an overgrown piece of forest covered with alders and willows, most people of the group felt a playful vitality as if the forest was inviting them to play hide and seek. The dreary double row of poplars on the other side seemed to close off the river from the landscape lying behind.

During a discourse for a tree care research group I expansively talked about the energy constitution of trees. I explained how important it is to understand how the trees double antenna system allows it to absorb earthly and heavenly powers and transform them into its surroundings. Consequently, a tree does not only provide the landscape of oxygen but also and especially of life energy!

Some people experienced a trembling, others started to feel lighter. Some of the kids did not feel anything until we got closer. That is when most of us felt the strength and radiation of this power source. Inside the Maria chapel we felt how she resonated with her heart and we instantly understood the connection with the immemorial Maria cult in this area.

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