Life on earth develops through landscapes and inhabitants. Oceans, mountains, rivers and forests develop in an identical way because they are subject to the same powers as all organisms. Apart from their visible and tangible appearance, every forest, tree and sea disposes of an energy system just like ours (as a human) that contains chakras, energy lines and an aura. All landscapes thrive in this system in a certain sphere. They have a sensitive core that establishes connections. Moreover, like mankind, each landscape has an elaborate intellectual dimension that exits of a mental, archetypical and spiritual layer. The environment is completely composed of consciousness, the invisible side of life which we can perfectly communicate with through our intuition.

Healing Power
Earth’s landscapes are under a lot of pressure. Man has lost a great part of its connection to earth and seems to view earth as a piece of equipment rather than an equal consciousness. For the time being, man does not comprehend his true ecological role and continues to emphasize mainly a rational and emotional approach to nature.

Nevertheless, creeks, rivers and seas keep asking for our help and trees, forests and hilly countries wish to be recognized for their real function. Villages and cities need to reconnect with the source of the place where they have grown and establish a new relationship with both visible and invisible creatures in the environment.
We, humans, have a great destructive power that we can easily transform into a healing power to free power places of damaging convictions and to activate polluted energy lines. We can collaborate with creatures of nature to reestablish connection and ask archetypical powers to show us how to restore balance.
Earth’s current transformation process does not only ask to help activate and recognize this multidimensional life of the environment, it also asks for new impulses and insights. Apart from the existing landscape chakras, new developments are happening such as expanding organs that exceed the current perception of time and space, as well as forms of consciousness that guide this whole process. This will allow for access to a more free space, which means we should take responsibility and become aware of our role in this process.

To flower
That is why it is important to found an unconditional and deeper contact with all forms of consciousness. This contact can allow us to use our innate intuitive potential besides our mental capacities. It is an intuition that we carry in our hearts.
This will help stimulate the self-healing power of an organism which in turn will activate the complete self-development of a tree, village or desert. This process of flowering is what we could describe as connecting to its divine source, the inner driving force of life.

The earth, the world around us, we're all currently involved in a radical transformation process. Because everything changes so fast, I am not planning any workshops for the time being and I am not making appointments. You can follow the complications through the newsletter and of course by reading my latest book "De gekroonde Aarde" (in Dutch). I would like to hear what you yourself experience during these exciting times.





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