Landscape healing
Over the years mankind has had a big influence on the worlds landscape. A lot of regions lost contact with their identity and original purpose or have lost balance. Trees, forests or cities need to feel the connection with the essence in itself, just as a humans do. A certain balance in itself and with its surroundings shall be searched. Landscape healing helps to reconnect the landscape or landscape elements with their soul to repair balance on an energetic, sensitive and spiritual level. 

The heart of healing
The most beautiful quality of landscape healing is to activate the self-healing ability of a natural system. This process can take place very fast and in a natural way. But most of the time it is an intense process and it requires an elaborated diagnosis. For the purpose of this healing stimulation, certain methods have been proven useful for trees, gardens, parks and bigger regions. With these methods we try to reach the core visually, energetically and with sensitivity. That way we eventually end up in the heart of the process where all elements come together and try to find their balance. In purity. At this exact moment, the healing sets in. Here is where the soul is touched. This can even be sufficient to stimulate the elements self-healing. Potentially blockings can be healed, energetic connections made and healing can set in physically.

The healing process is one that occurs in collaboration as much as possible. A cooperation of many factors: the tree, the garden, the region, the owner or the people involved. They are all connected, are each others mirror and depend on one another in the healing process. Unconditionally.

The real ecological function of mankind might lay in making this earth more sublime and sensitive, and to enlighten it...


A birch is having a hard time. Every year its crown gets stiffer and more and more branches die. The owner called for an arborist who aired out the hard soil and added compost. Even though the growth of the tree stabilized, the tree did not revive. Examination showed that the tightening of the soil seemed to block the energy flow from the earth. The whole energetic system had been functioning badly and therefore the flow of fluids was barely stimulated. Consequently, the tree slowly isolated itself instinctively from its environment. We help the tree to take back its place in the garden, remember it of its real function and activate the different energy flows.

When remodelling a garden, the owners want the whole design to reflect their identity. By listening to their wishes and to the essence of the original garden, we try to make suggestions about the design and vegetation in cooperation with the landscape gardener. We bring energetic balance and empower the heart of the garden with a stone circle, and look for plants whose energetic and intuitive characteristics match the residents. These plants should add to the gardens vitality as well as to its peace. In resonance with its residents.

That one filthy corner in the park where people dump their waste and the recently planted trees pine away, is being experienced as unpleasant by the green service. Something is definitely wrong in this area. After closer examination, there actually appears to be some sort of tension, most likely caused by a traumatic act of violence in the past, blocking every single energy flow. By addressing the inner power of the park and the healing light, this trauma can be healed. This will allow the region to become vital again and pleasant for people to linger by.

The municipality wants to revive the river valley, currently portrayed by abandoned fabrics and languishing forests. New economic and cultural projects have been set up, as well as new planting projects. At the residents’ request, we are also revaluating the region on an energetic level. The river actually functions as the central axe that determines the identity and radiation of the whole valley. Because of drainage and extremely forced reallocation, the river hardly makes up part of the valley anymore. The energetic flow through the area is weak and the connection with the rest of the landscape has become inexistent. The municipality choose cooperation and with their new vision the river could easily become one again with the region. The internal energy flows and those to its surroundings will be activated, which allows the purifying and vitalizing function of water to do its job. This process will heal the blocked energy on the fabric domains, so that new projects will stay vital and connected to the environment.


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