Nature and its complex structures and connections form the fundamental basis of my paintings. My fascination for life is what keeps me going. As a painter, I observe and investigate. How do different elements in nature relate to each other? What is their part in the whole? What is my and human kind’s connection to nature? I try to portray growing patterns and connections in my paintings of a “vivid” type of nature. They reflect energy and sensitivity.

It is possible to enforce a healing process by painting. By conceiving the real soul of a tree or complete landscape in paint, you open unexpected channels and make connections at all levels. All this makes the ‘healing’ even more complete.

The materials and technique I use also encourage the vividness of my paintings. The nerves, brushes, cracks and white background of the little wooden panels play an important role, even under all those dry layers of acryl paint. Altogether, they make the scene look even more intangible.

I had exhibitions running in the Sint-Pietersabdij, the Museum voor Schone Kunsten and the Witte Zaal in Ghent, as well as the Gallery Devos in Aalst as in the cultural centres of Eeklo and Geel.

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