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Nowadays, we have an idea of the physical, energetic, sensitive, psychological and spiritual constitution of human beings. In terms of nature however, research has not yet come this far and is limited to its physical, visible and touchable characteristics. Nevertheless it is very fascinating to examine how landscapes work on different levels i.e. the way they function energetically, how they sensitively connect or what concepts lay behind a tree, a forest or a river.

Fields of investigation

  1. To determine the energetic constitution of plants, trees, biotopes up until full landscapes. How do connections unfold internally and in the bigger whole?

  2. Sensitive characteristics of landscapes and landscape elements and how they influence each other. How do certain types of trees determine the characteristics of a forest or how do they form landscapes?

  3. In what way do animals influence energy flows and the sensitivity of a biotope?

  4. Binding, guiding and transforming energies:  certain entities, in western culture known as nature beings, enlighted beings and angels, form an important part of the energetic, sensitive and imaginary reality.

  5. The development of methods for diagnosis and healing in nature. How can we make contact? How can we anticipate processes of change in the terrestrial landscape in an unprejudiced way?


This investigation is based on intuition as well as rationality. The heart knows how to resonate with other natural systems, which makes it possible to make deep contact as if we can become part of a plant or a landscape. This is the best way to gather the most accurate and pure information. In the next phase, the brain processes, shapes and translates the information that has just entered. I think my work is very rewarding and grateful.


The birch sends its energy to its surroundings in an elegant, unfolding way. It has an open, light, friendly and masculine character that softens the rigidity of oak trees in the typical birch summer oak forest. On dryer sand soils, such as heathland regions, the birch and its characteristics determine and enforce the lightness of the region. It is a tree on the heart level, which means the heart frequency is dominantly present. This offers the birch a strong and binding function that allows the world around it to open its heart.  

Swamps are often the strongest breathing places in a landscape. The ruling vibration in such areas is corresponds to the frequency of our throat chakra. They are power places, landscape chakras that breath out their energy in the surrounding landscape and send it to its foundations. It’s a movement of breathing, in other words it operates in two directions. The typical vegetation of thickset alders, dreary willows and buckthorns guides this energy flow in a horizontal direction rather than a vertical one and therefore matches the identity of the biotope perfectly. It’s a very fluent energy flow, guided by dynamic, dancing and very feminine creatures of nature.

Water birds have a very important energetic function on still water. They contribute movement to a rather stagnating energy of ponds or lakes. By flying up and coming down they initiate an energy flow. Moreover, the vibrations of their chirping and quacking actually dilute the energetic atmosphere.

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